Multi-functional touching oven controller

Item No.: TE-01-187
Humanized Intelligent Application      12 menus on line
Multi-Functional                                  LED display content
Delicious and Healthy                          AI Intelligent adjustable
Power saving mode

Our Multi-functional touching oven controller instruction

Humanized Intelligent Application:For Intelligent Application, you can adjust time, temperature quickly and make small adjustment. You can control oven panel, plan cooking, adjust and monitor cooking process, customize your own menu. It’s very easy to use it.
12 menus on line:Various menu application can offer you pre-set raw and delicious menu. If you don’t know how to make cooking, the menu will tell you what need to be prepared.  You can amend the menu according to your own requirement.


Our Multi-functional touching oven controller function

Muti-Functional:Supporting motor,furnace lamp,fan, which can be reduced as requested. It can be in fully compliance with the oven energy efficiency index,EMC standard.
LED display content:Function display (lower pipe, upper pipe, upper and lower pipe, rotation, fan, furnace lamp, ℃). User can choose different mode according to their needs and display correspondingly icons.
Glass panel:The panel uses toughened glass material. Easy clean, beautiful, high grade, good heat insulation, solid and durable.