Circuit Board

Air compressor circuit board

Item No.: TE-01-93
The circuit board of the air compressor can communicate and be controlled remotely. It has the function of automatically detecting whether the air compressor and dryer are connected to the Internet.


1、Control function
1) The main controller of air compressor controller is Intelligent Core, equipped with standard control unit, communicate
with air compressor and remote control.
2) According to the air compressor efficiency to set the loading or unloading priority of each air compressor, so that the
high-efficiency compressor can work more and improve the overall gas production efficiency of the station.
3) Advanced loading and unloading air compressors using advanced gas volume prediction technology.
4)According to the air compressor running time balance the operation of the air compressor, so that the equipment work
5) The operator can remote operation every machine on main controller which connect network, such as start, stop, load
and unload, etc. Can also operate directly on the air compressor panel.
2、Self-check function
The system detects whether the air compressor and dryer are connected to the Internet.
3、Historical data query
1) The system automatically collects and saves instantaneous pressure, air compressor running state, drying machine
running state, frequency conversion machine and other running state data in real time.
2) Users can trace the operation status data within 12 months at any time.
4、Alarm function
In case of abnormal working conditions during operation, the system will alarm in the way preset.

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