Air conditioning circuit board

Item No.: TE-01-86
An air conditioner is an air conditioner.Refers to the use of artificial means, the building or structure of the environment air temperature, humidity, flow rate and other parameters for adjustment and control of equipment.

Product function

1、Indoor cooling or heating

2、Adjust the speed of indoor airflow

3、Filter room air

4、Adjust the direction of air supply
5、The LED screen show
6、Automatic fault detection function

Product mix
1、Refrigeration system: it is the cooling part of air conditioner, which consists of a sealed refrigeration cycle composed
of refrigeration compressor, condenser, capillary, evaporator, electromagnetic directional valve, filter and refrigerant.
2、Air system: it is the part of the air conditioner that accelerates the heat exchange of room air, and it is composed of
centrifugal fans, axial fans and other equipment.
3、Electrical system: it is the part of the air conditioner that drives the compressor and fan to operate safely and controls
the temperature. It is composed of motor, temperature controller, relay, capacitor and heater.
4、Cabinet and panel: it is the frame of the air conditioner, the supporting seat of each component and the guide part of
air flow, which is composed of cabinet, panel and louver.

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