Button mini oven control panel

Item No.: TE-01-173
Combination function: design with three combination functions = Program + menu + heat preservation
Accurate temperature control: oven timer temperature is more accurate, can be controlled within -5℃

Our oven control panel combination function

Design with three combination functions = Program + menu + heat preservation, you can choose any or two or three, it depends entirely on your needs.


Our oven control panel has a quick cooking feature

Oven uses new technology fast hot air technology, heat transfer with very high strength 360 degrees hot air, high speed cycle heating, distributed from all sides to food, can penetrate from thick food particles, safe, prevent overheating.


The food we bake in our oven control panel is delicious and healthy


The best gift for people with heart disease, diabetes and obesity. This oven does not require oil during cooking, but ensures the delicacy of the food.