Kitchen blender controller

Item No.: TE-01-16
A blender is a small machine that can mix a variety of fruits and vegetables to produce fresh and delicious juices and vegetable juices.

Product advantages

1、Low price
2、Easy to clean
3、Can process a variety of food


Product feature

1、Food mixer is all gear transmission structure, its power transmission system has a high standard design, high
strength, high technical requirements, smooth operation, durable.Can be used to stir cream, cake liquid, stuffing,
beaten eggs and dough, etc.
2、The machine has three stirring speeds and is equipped with wire whisk, beater and screw mixer.It can be used
to stir cream, cake liquid, filling and dough.The machine has three-phase power supply and single-phase power
supply, please choose according to your requirements.
3、The machine has reasonable design, neat and beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight and low noise,
high efficiency, simple operation, convenient cleaning and sanitation, and good response from users.Suitable for
restaurants, restaurants, bakery and food manufacturers for mixing food materials, knead dough, is an ideal
equipment for the production of high-quality pastry.


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