kitchen ventilator controller

Item No.: TE-01-21
Chinese style lampblack machine is opposite at ou shou takes lampblack machine character, make principle about the same actually. it is to pass turbo to rotate  absorb lampblack mouth.

Product feature

1、Smoke smoke effect: belongs to the deep smoke machine, the general use of high power motor, there is a very
large set of smoke cavity and turbine, can first put the rising smoke together, and then after the oil network, the
smoke out, smoke smoke effect is good.
2、Energy-saving effect: the lampblack machine that Chinese style power is 168 is better than Europe type 200
power even, compare machine of Chinese style lampblack to compare Europe type instead energy-saving.
3、Installation requirement: look from installation position, belong to basically "condole top type" smoke lampblack
machine, dimension is general 700MM--750MM, suit kitchen very small family.
4、Price: low cost of production materials, simple production process and moderate price.
5、Technical indicators: Chinese style strong smoke exhaust machine corresponding wind pressure is generally
350 pa, Chinese style ordinary smoke machine corresponding wind pressure is generally 280 pa.


Buy common sense

1、Exhaust air volume: this is one of the main quality indicators of lampblack machine.
2、Exhaust efficiency: exhaust efficiency refers to the percentage of the amount of pollution discharged from the
hood and the amount generated during cooking.
3、Noise: noise is also an important indicator to measure the performance of the range hood.
4、Filter oil device: after the range hood is used for a period of time, the suction surface will be blocked by oil,
sometimes will drip oil, so generally have filter oil device.
5、Smoke cover eye number (suck tuyere number) : the lampblack machine on the market has one eye and two
kinds of double eye.If your home is using a coal stove or a one-eye gas range, then you should buy a single-eye
range hood.If your home is using a binocular gas range, it's best to buy a range hood.

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