LED panel light control board

Item No.: TE-01-23
LED power supply is a kind of power supply, it is the device that provides power to electronic equipment, also is power supply.

Product classification

1、According to the supply voltage: high voltage ac85-265, low voltage 1.5-36v
2、According to the power supply: constant voltage source and constant current source
3、According to the input and output isolation relationship: isolated power supply and non-isolated power
4、The relationship between input voltage and output voltage is divided into step-up voltage type, step-down
voltage type and elevating voltage type


Product usage

    LED power supply is widely used in street lamp, tunnel lamp, LED floor tile, LED point light, LED grid light,
LED indoor light, LED ceiling light, building, road and bridge, square building facilities, lawn light, curtain wall
light, LED wall washing lamp, lamp, hotel stadium LED plant lamp and aquarium lamp.


Product design

1、LED current size: if LED ripple is too large, the LED life will be affected
2、Chip heat: this is mainly for the built-in power modulator high voltage driver chip.
3、Heat generation of power tube: the power consumption of power tube is divided into two parts, switch loss
and conduction loss.
4、Operating frequency down
5、Selection of induct-or or transformer


Power life

1、The impact of the actual application environment: high humidity environment, high temperature environment,
dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, vibration environment.
2、Influence of lighting temperature environment: internal temperature of lighting decoration is less than 65 ° c,
shell of lighting decoration is less than 75 ° c, and power supply temperature is less than 60 ° c.
3、Influence of power supply network: the voltage input of unstable power network will impact the components
of LED power supply, thus affecting the service life pulse of LED drive.
4、Effects of insulation and installation: correct installation and good insulation of the product will enhance the
application force of LED power supply.
5、The influence of electrolytic capacitor: the sealing part of the electrolytic capacitor will leak out of the gasified
electrolyte, this phenomenon will be accelerated with the increase of temperature, it is generally believed that for
every 10℃ rise in temperature, the leakage rate will be increased to 2 times.

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