Range hood Control board

Item No.: TE-01-19
Ou shi absorbs lampblack machine to use multilayer oil net to filter {5-7}, increase motor power to achieve optimal result, use the exterior material of stainless steel and glass more.

Product feature

1、Circular rising type, single turbine, small collection bin and no collection bin, stacked with multi-layer dense
screen board
2、smoke separation, small noise, energy conservation and environmental protection
3、the appearance is beautiful and fashionable, can have a variety of fabrics to choose from, switch can have
mechanical switch and touch switch style to choose from, increased the highlight of the kitchen, the style is
relatively new


Techniques of choose and buy

1、For the absorption of the range hood air volume, fan power and noise, should be comprehensively considered,
the wind volume, fan power is not greater, better, in the same premise to achieve the same rate of extraction, fan
power and air volume should be smaller, so that both energy saving energy, can obtain a better mute effect.
2、Practical type do not choose European: big and heavy.
3、Do not LCD: money is easy to break.
4、Switch choose traditional mechanical switch, do not use touch: the traditional switch maintenance rate is low,
high substitutability.
5、Face plate material, the scrub of glass is more convenient, stainless steel or not, but heavier.
6、Do not automatic cleaning function, not much practical function.
7、The diameter of the air outlet and the air output is proportional to the larger the better.
8、Easy cleaning is also important.
9、Avoid purchasing products of miscellaneous brands and small factories to ensure the quality of products.

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