Split type air conditioning control panel

Item No.: TE-01-87
The split type air conditioning controller has four working states: high wind speed, medium wind speed, low wind speed and automatic wind speed.And large screen LCD display power off data memory function.

Product advantages

1、Beautiful appearance, style, small footprint, low noise, flexible use
2、As it is divided into indoor machine and outdoor machine, the installation position of indoor machine is flexible.
3、The noise is very small, which can be less than 40 ~ 50dB. The noise of window air conditioner is about 60dB.
4、Split type air conditioner does not affect indoor lighting, will not produce Windows with air conditioner vibration

5、Convenient installation and maintenance.
6、Economical, practical and durable.

Product function

1large screen LCD display, dual temperature display mode
2、High, medium, low wind speed, automatic four working conditions
3、With clock, remote control, blue backlight
4Power off data memory function
5Ultra-thin and ultra-small design (panel size: 86*86*13mm)

Product mix
      Split type room air conditioning is divided into indoor and outdoor two parts.The indoor machine mainly has heat
exchanger components (evaporator components and condenser components), fan, globe valve and electrical control
components, such as the main control board, switch board, display, remote control, and so on.The outdoor unit mainly
includes compressor, vapor-liquid separator, heat exchanger components (evaporator components and condenser
components), extension, globe valve and electrical control components.

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