Vacuum cleaner control board pcba

Item No.: TE-01-94
This vacuum cleaner control board is to use the motor to drive the blade high-speed rotation, in the sealed shell to generate air negative pressure, absorb dust.

Basic structure

      The basic structure of vacuum cleaner is divided into four parts according to function:
1、Power part: vacuum cleaner motor and governor.Governor separation control, machine control.
2、Filtration system: dust bag, front filter, rear filter.According to the filter materials are divided into: paper, cloth, SMS,
HEPA (HEPA efficient filter materials).Vacuum cleaner filtration system and components (6 sheets).
3、Functional part: wire pickup and discharge mechanism, dust-filled indicator, button or slide switch.
4、Protection measures: dust-free bag protection, excessive vacuum protection, anti-interference protection (soft start),
overheating protection, anti-static protection.

Product function
1、Three working modes: high, low and automatic
2、Battery pack, motor drive, charger interconnection
3、Communication identification function
4、Over voltage, under voltage and blocking protection
5、Intelligent fault diagnosis and management functions
6、With dust sensor, the output power can be controlled intelligently

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