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The meaning of some letters on the PCB board

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Update time : 2021-05-17 14:54:11
On the PCB board, there are many letters, such as R107, C118, Q102, D202, etc. Do you know what these letters mean? In fact, the letters on the PCB represent the abbreviations of electronic components, and numbers are often followed by the letters, and these numbers also have meaning.

The following is the meaning of some letters on the PCB board:

R107, C118, Q102, D202 and other numbers are often seen on circuit boards. Generally, the first letter identifies the device category, such as R for resistors, C for capacitors, D for diodes, and Q for Triode, etc.; The second is a number, indicating the circuit function number, such as "1" for the main board circuit, "2" for the power supply circuit, etc., which is determined by the circuit designer; the third and fourth digits indicate that the device is on the circuit board The serial number of similar devices.

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