Intelligent range hood control board

Item No.: TE-01-18
Lampblack machine is the electric appliance of the lampblack that the place produces when domestic kitchen is sucked clean cook

Product feature

1、Beautiful appearance and harmonious color.
2、Safe use.
3、Strong wind absorption.
4、Low noise.
5、Easy to clean.
6、Multi - ring range hood, stable work, long life and other basic conditions.


Product maintenance

1、The installation height of the range hood must be appropriate, so that it can not meet, and can ensure the
effect of smoke.
2、In order to avoid the noise or vibration of lampblack machine too large, drop oil, oil leakage, etc., we should
regularly clean the lampblack machine, so as not to motor, turbine and lampblack machine internal surface oil
too much.
3、In the use of lampblack machine to maintain the air circulation in the kitchen, so that the air in the kitchen can
prevent the formation of negative pressure, ensure the lampblack machine suction capacity.
4、The consumer had better not do STH without authorization open lampblack machine to undertake cleaning,
because the motor once did not install good cannot assure smoking effect, and can increase noise;It is better to
let the factory's professional cleaning.


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